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5 Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Occasion Centre

By the looks of it, planning an event can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Choosing an occasion centre for the event contributes majorly to the said stress factor. Occasion Centres in Sydney provide for the social and professional gathering needs of its residents – from marriage celebrations and social parties to corporate gatherings. However, choosing the right venue involves the consideration of a host of factors to align with the needs of the host and the guests.

Choosing Occasion Centres – Key Considerations

  1. Location and its accessibility:

    While choosing a venue for any occasion, the ease of access concerning transport, is of paramount importance. Studies reveal that if the location is not convenient for the attendees, the chances of them not gracing the occasion with their presence are higher.

  1. Financial implications:

    Budget happens to be one of the most important factors to consider while choosing an occasion centre. While framing the budget for the venue other associated expenses like catering, supplies, and spur-of-the-moment expenses should be considered in case the services can be availed in-house.

  1. Capacity:

    An integral part of planning an event happens to be the preparation of the guest list and the potential of the venue to accommodate the guests in totality. It is of supreme importance that the guests are offered a cosy and comfortable environment and can move around freely inside the venue.

  1. Parking Space:

    Since most of the guests would reach the venue by car, sufficient parking space to accommodate their vehicles, makes its way into the list of key considerations as well. The availability of valet parking and parking attendants can also be a much-desired value addition as far as choosing a venue is concerned.

  1. Services offered:

    Another important factor to reflect on, while choosing the venue for an event, are the services and amenities on offer. Based on the financial appetite, one can consider the availability of kitchens, furniture, and linens that can help the host save a considerable amount of money by eliminating the need for third-party service providers.

Choosing Occasion Centres – Additional Amenities on offer

Even though the above-mentioned factors remain the mandatory ones to zero in on the choice of the venue, a few additional ones can also be given due consideration in the quest of offering an enriched experience for the guests in attendance, as detailed below.

  1. Wi-Fi Access and digital equipment:

    Wi-Fi access at the facility can go a long way to ensure a fulfilling experience for the esteemed guests. It can facilitate access to social media and other online services, much to their delight. Similarly, the availability of AV equipment can also be considered, adding to the above cause.

  1. Sound and acoustics:

    If the event has guest speakers and music as a part of the itinerary, the availability of acoustic equipment is worth considering. However, the quality of equipment on offer and its alignment with the purpose remains the key factor.

  1. Additional services on offer:

    Even after careful introspection, keeping in mind the pivotal factors to consider, additional services on offer at the venue deserve due contemplation. Many occasion centres offer conference rooms, whiteboards, and projectors at the organizer’s disposal, especially for corporate events.

To conclude, the list of factors to consider while booking an occasion centre in Sydney is extensive. Hence, meticulous planning remains the key to choosing such a location. Babylon Venue offers a comprehensive bouquet of options and facilities for those looking to turn the event into a memorable, mesmerising, and magical one.